What is American Dream Solutions ?
American Dream Solutions specializes in purchasing
properties that are challenging to sell.  Our staff has the
specialized skills needed to overcome barriers in this
difficult market.  We have well established networks to aid
in all aspects of the transaction.  American Dream
Solutions is your one stop shop for selling your property
Why Use American Dream Solutions ?
Who uses American Dream Solutions?
Sellers Wanted
Buyers  Wanted
Lenders Wanted
Customer Groups
Market to public, private, and networked
customer bases
Work with you to create a funding mechanism
that best suits your needs
Our customer databases provide you access to
buyers, sellers, and lenders that would normally
be overlooked
Buyers are prequalified allowing sales to close in
30 days or less
Solving your home buying & selling needs today !
Investors seeking project properties
Money Lenders, especially short term
Sellers involved in:
       Leaving the rental property business
       Abandoned / Empty homes
Welcome to:
American Dream Solutions, Inc.

Last Updated:
ug 3, 2012