Our commitment to buyers:
As a buyer, when you work with American Dream Solutions you are given the
personal attention you've come to expect.  We are committed to finding the
properties that you are looking for and arranging the best deal in the interest of all

What you should know:
We keep a detailed account of the properties you're looking for in our database and
match sale properties to your criteria.  You won't be deluged with notifications of all
properties available whether or not they match your criteria.   We also have access
to various sources of funding to make your transaction happen quickly without the
need for extended approval processes.

How we will work together:        
At American Dream Solutions, we understand the importance of business
relationships in the real estate network.  Repeat customers are the cornerstone of
our business future and as such we treat our customers with the respect they
deserve.  Bringing together all clients of each transaction ensures the satisfaction of
everyone involved and promotes the rapid closing of the transaction.
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Information for Buyers / Investors
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American Dream Solutions, Inc.
How to use our service:
Contact American Dream Solutions via phone, fax, email, or online registration
(below) to let us know the type of property which would be of interest to you.  You will
be contacted whenever a property matching your criteria becomes available.  If you
are interested in the property simply reply to us and we will set up a meeting at the
property where you can decide if the property is right for you.
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