Information for Lenders
For Lenders
Our commitment to lenders:
When you register your company with American Dream Solutions (ADS) your lending
criteria will be added to our lender database which is accessible by our staff as well
as numerous teammates.  Together with our teammates, we will match your lending
criteria to appropriate pending transactions between candidate buyers and sellers.

What you should know:
At American Dream Solutions, we maintain a relatively small property to staff ratio
which enables us to devote the time and attention to each transaction that you have
come to expect.  Additionally, we maintain continuous contact with our corporate
teammates to vastly expand your customer base.  The customer base is comprised
of the  traditional home buying clientele as well as multiple networks of real estate
investors.  Our staff actively solicits both customer bases to find the best match of

In addition to gaining access to our database and network of buyers and transaction
agents, once you have registered with ADS we will provide you free advertising on
our web page.

How we will work together:
Once a match has been determined, the ADS staff will contact all parties to verify
participation in the transaction.  Documents and applications will be submitted to
appropriate agencies to commence escrow for the transaction.  ADS will focus on the
buyer/seller aspect of the transaction while the buyer will focus on the buyer/lender

Though ADS does perform long term transactions, our primary focus is on rapid sale
to real estate investors and qualified retail buyers.  Under these transactions, loans
are performed through hard money lenders whose application time facilitates the
ability for the entire transaction to close well under 30 days.
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How to use our service:
Contact American Dream Solutions via phone, fax, email, or online registration
(below) to provide us with a description of your company and loan criteria.  Please
provide as much detail as possible to allow us to find the best buyer/seller situation
for you.  Registration is free of charge.
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