Each of our staff has lived in the greater San Diego area for the last 20+
years.  We entered the real estate business as a result of the economic
downturn in order to assist the growing number of people encountering issues
with their own personal real estate.  The specialized training and the networks
of assistants, lawyers, real estate agents, buyers, sellers, investors, lenders,
etc. make us uniquely qualified to aid those in need of assistance.
Each member of our staff has successfully completed specialized training in
lease options, wholesale buying, mortgage foreclosures, tax foreclosures,
short sales, finance, and property renovation through the Tigrent Learning
All of our staff have taken extensive training in the techniques and procedures
for engineering property transactions in any economic climate.  Though we are
based in Southern California, we provide transactional assistance in other states
as well.  We currently have properties available in Arkansas and will soon be
entering the markets in Ohio and Nevada.  We are anxious to help you find a
buyer or seller and create an arrangement fulfilling your needs.
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