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For Sellers
Our commitment to sellers:
When you register your home with American Dream Solutions our team will immediately
begin focusing on your property to locate a buyer.  Our staff and our corporate
teammates will concentrate on identifying a buyer anxious to purchase your home.  We
maintain a relatively small number of registered homes for sale which affords us the
ability to provide you with this level of personal commitment.

At American Dream Solutions, we understand the many motivations for selling a home.
You can rest assured that we are committed to locating a buyer from our database or
from our network as quickly as possible to free you from the burden of selling the

What you should know:
When you register your home to be sold through American Dream Solutions it will be
entered into multiple databases depending on the attributes of the property and on
your preferences.  These databases provide you access to a host of buyers that may
not be available in the typical market.  In addition to the databases, our staff will
actively contact corporate teammates to determine if their databases contain
interested buyers.

This combination of active and passive approaches to marketing your home greatly
enhances the speed and likelihood of finding a buyer.  Additionally, since our
registered buyers are all pre-approved for loans we typically find the buyer, arrange
the sale, and close the sale within 30 days.

How we will work together:
At American Dream Solutions, we understand the many motivations for selling a home.  
We will work with you to determine the most important selling criteria to enable us to
best match a buyer for you.  Our staff will afford you the singular attention you deserve
as our client, dedicating one of our staff to you to ensure your needs are fulfilled to the
best extent possible.
Welcome to:
American Dream Solutions, Inc.
How to use our service:
Contact American Dream Solutions via phone, fax, email, or online registration
(below) to provide us with a description of the property that you have for sale.  
Please provide as much detail as possible to allow us to find the best buyer for you.  
Once registered, we will meet with you at the sale property to determine if we will buy
it directly or if one of our teammates would be a better match.  Since we deal
primarily with pre-approved buyers, the time between initial registration and closing
the deal is almost always less than 30 days. Registration is free of charge.
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